A life for and for competitive tennis

  Since I entered the Tennis Club for the first time 38 years ago, many things have happened to me, some bad, some good and many very good, but above all, many things have changed, since I was a player back in the early 80’s with wooden rackets to today’s exciting digital age, an impressive evolution if you think about it.

  In the junior season, I finished top 15 in 1988, winning the Eddie Herr as the best achievement, being Spanish Junior champion in hard court and finalist on clay, in the professional years I achieved a 169 in the ATP Ranking and more than 250 tournaments Nationals won in my country, Spain.

  Starting a coaching career since 1998, 21 years in this profession I have traveled more than 350 weeks to tournaments with players, from early ages of development until pros, covering 11 seasons with professional players on the ATP Tour circuit, if we add it Around 350 weeks traveled as a player, I have accumulated experience of more than 700 weeks attending tournaments.

  Sports and professional life around competitive tennis, an accumulation of experience at your disposal that will give you a new perspective from an external position.

  Of these 21 years, 14 of which I have worked for myself, being the owner of the direction I was taking, sometimes more successful than others, but all equally valid when it comes to accumulating experiences in the competition sector and above all to know the tennis industry and the motivations moves them.

  Due to the continuous change in our sector, I have currently become interested in the world of teaching, communication, and especially in the future of the position of “coaches” in the current market and their integration into the digital world, from everything This “cocktail” of concerns is born this new project in the form of “personal branding” that in my opinion, is the future evolution that many coaches should take.

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  My training is experimental based on my experiences in the world of competition, which has allowed me to work alongside the best leaders in the world of “coaching”.

  Hundreds of get-togethers, after-dinner speakings, and live in the first person with many top-level players, watch them grow and see what they have done and how their training process has been.

  The fact of being born and growing up as an athlete and “coach in Barcelona, the world tennis center, has been my best university and the best course I have been able to take.

  Besides, my continuous self-taught initiative has made me train in different areas, mainly in the mental processes of the players, digital marketing, and management of SMEs.

  Being a competition coach is a non-stop, attending and attending tournaments of any level, in competition being static impoverishes, you do not generate experiences or accumulate knowledge



21 years coaching competition players

11 full seassons in ATP TOUR

16 managment and director in academies

5 years in coaching education

Full time (more 1 year)

Jesse Levine

Temuraiz Gabashvili

Evgeny Donskoy

Adrian Menendez

Julian Alonso

Jonhatan eysseryc

Part time (6 months -1 year)

Karem Kachanov

Albert Ramos

Joao Sousa

Pedro Martinez Portero

David Souto

Sasha Lobkov

Part time ( 1 -6 months)

Bjorn Fratanjelo

Nikolov Bashivasbili

Jhon Millman

Richard Berankis

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