A second external opinion without involvement in the project, and free of emotions, can help you see another path, complement yours or reaffirm the one you have.

  In a VICA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous), GL Consulting was born with the aim of offering creative and innovative consulting services to the world of tennis to provide solutions and support to organizations in their different projects or simply to advise individuals on your decisions about coaching, your position in the environment or how to achieve your goals.

  We offer proximity and a new vision framed in a strategic development plan divided into three phases from where you can see your project from a distance.

  Our goal is to give you another approach and to be a vehicle for you to have different information where you can contrast and be more efficient.

Who is GL consulting for?

  Internet is the tool that has led to the duty to be permanently connected and communicated, positioning the exchange of information as a basic pillar in our work environment.

  Thanks to this context we can add value to your projects from a distance, this initiative is ideal to complement your vision through this medium.

 Aimed at academies, schools, and trainers/coaches who want to contrast or direct their way in the right direction. A useful tool if you want to know another vision about your organization and its structures or about the training programs you offer.

  We help you to be more a leader and create them for better efficiency of your work environment.


Design or improve the sports structure.

Sizing your academy / school.

More efficiency in the teaching body.

External audit. of your current situation.

Strategy to improve the structure.

Another opinion.

Give you knowledge from experience.

New arguments with your players.

Put the player in context.

Advise a path.

Better understand the moment of their training.

Contrast concepts.

Improve tactically.

Share my experiences.

  Having an external vision of your projects without any emotional involvement can be of great help to change details or simply reaffirm that the path is correct.

  I will share my experiences from where you can draw your own conclusions to improve your projects.

  I advise you on your work structure, your school structure, your technical team, the path to follow with your players, on the path to professionalism, and on which path to follow to become a competition “coach”.

  I attend you personally in a close environment and without judgment where the purpose is to feel comfortable to be able to express ourselves freely.


En blanco

Tennis academies / schools

Administrative consultancy

  • Review of the business strategy and long-term objectives.
  • Preparation and review of business plans and budgets.
  • Analysis of budgets, objectives, projects and analysis of deviations.
  • Analysis of the business viability of specific projects.
  • Advice on the treasury strategy and cash flows.
  • Price formation analysis and cost system.

Strategy and operations

  • Elaboration of new projects.
  • Design of new centers.
  • Review and preparation of strategic plans and business plans.
  • Support in decision-making at managerial and strategic level.
  • Audit of the organization and business management.
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement and levers for creating value.
  • Review and preparation of growth plans.
  • Preparation of business viability plans.
  • Preparation of diversification and internationalization plans.
  • Refloating of the academy / school in crisis.
  • Support for internationalization and growth strategies.

Management of technical and / or staff body

  • Analysis, evaluation and diagnosis of the Human Resources function.
  • Review and design of the organizational structure.
  • Advice and design of specific training programs for your teaching body
  • Design of a performance evaluation system.
  • Design of a variable remuneration system.
  • Recruitment and selection.
  • Technical reports.
  • Preparation of the ideal calendar.
  • Strategic planning of the training sections.
  • Internationally contextualize the player.
  • Academy / coach choice.
  • Technical formation.
  • Development of strategy to achieve professional goals
  • Specific inquiries.
  • Construction personal brand
  • Web service.
  • Personal Marketing.

How will we work?

 We will work three different periods during our collaboration process:

1.  Will put the project in the current perspective, detection, and evaluating its possible problems or areas for improvement.

2. Definition of improvements: together we will establish, according to the context where the activity is developed, a strategic plan, and a roadmap to achieve improvements in areas that can be scalable.

3. Putting the plan into action and monitoring the actions.


Evaluation and current external audit of the project.

Strategic plan

Definition of a strategic plan and roadmap towards the best efficiency.

Action and monitoring

Implementation and monitoring of the actions to be carried out.

Contact me personally to solve any doubt or question about the GL Consulting program

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